• Streamlined shape body.
  • Built on the chassis of the PV 653
  • Six passengers, three in front and three in the back. The utilized body throughout the cars full width.
  • Space for ten specially-made suitcases. The longest can have a gentlemans pressed trousers unfolded!
  • The cooler is adapted to collect air cooling. The cooler air is routed out over the car where otherwise a vacuum is formed. This vacuum is repealed and appears propulsive. No turbulence occurs and the car will not be easy spattered.
  • Volvo Venus was equipped with a free wheel. You had no engine braking to save some fuel but let the brakes have a hard time. The weight was over 2 tons.
  • Every body panel was divided into five segments that could easily be dismantled and replaced in case of damage.
  • The second spare tire suspended on springs made it possible to hit the back against a wall for example, without damage to the car.
  • Rear license plate was covered with glass and lit from the inside.

Owners of Volvo Venus Bilo as far as we know.

  1. 1933 November 13, Ing. Gustaf L.M. Ericsson, Lidingö | Reg no B101
  2. 1934 May 15, Volvo Corporation, Gothenburg | Reg no O4132
  3. 1934 October 4, Dir. Westerberg, Kalmar | Reg no H5314
  4. 1948 November 2, Dir. Erik Leth Lauritzen, Denmark | Reg no A17-686
  5. About 1954, Ivar (last name unknown) Denmark
  6. About 1954 Hans Larsen, Denmark | Reg no C2688
  7. About 1955 Unknown owner in Denmark who after some defect in the back of the car made his last instalment of the car in -55. Concisting of a workbench, a few boxes of nails and a hammer! Thats were all tracks disappear!