I have probably seen the Volvo Venus Bilo more often than any other person in present time. The reason is as follows:

My father brought a film camera right after the war. A Carl Zeiss ”turn eight” that made you had to turn the film once to get the whole movie. At the lab they cut the film so both sides got developed. Not at all like today!

My father and I shared a keen interest in cars. On one of my dad ́s old family movies (that were shown on solemn occasions) there where a funny-looking Volvo driving off a ferry from Denmark. I saw it clearly, it was definitely a Volvo. Car brands was something I had a good handle on from the age of three.

To stop a movie to take a closer look was quite impossible with contemporary projectors. The film would have burned. The car just blinked and I had always thought it must have been a Volvo Carioca. The Carioca was a more common Volvo.

500 Cariocas where built, starting at 1935.Volvo Venus Bilo just one! Much later now in adulthood I let my fathers old movies get digitilized.

A dark night in November 2013 I sat and edited the old films from my father and suddenly it hit me! The Volvo who left the ferry was the Volvo Venus Bilo! The car was repainted and the front bumper was mounted upside down and with danish plates. This was in the summer of -49 and far from its elegance at the premiere -33.

This is really a coincidence, my father captured this single car at this particular time and he had no idea about how unique it was.

He often talked about how great the cars were in the 30 ́th. Traffic continued to increase and the cars where magnificent. Cars like La Salle, Minerva, Isotta-Fraschini, Hispano Suiza, Voisin, Cord, Pierce-Arrow and Delahaye. Cars I never had heard of in the -60 ́th.But now they are among my favorite classic car brands.

People have asked me to make a poster of ”the last picture of the Volvo Venus” So I did and you can see it in the shop on this homepage. A numbered edition. A pride for any wall!