A well known picture at the entrance of villa Roskull. It was painted dark blue and "bone-yellow"

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Volvo Venus Bilo at Villa Roskull 1933.

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Volvo Venus in the summer of -49. Picture taken by my father and the whole car was probably dark blue with a change of the fender that was upside-down...

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The third and the fourth owners of Volvo Venus having picnic with families somewhere in Sweden before the war.

Venus Bilo

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Pictures from the book "Karossmakarens berättelser"


Silver Arrow, a streamlined car from Pierce Arrow factory.

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Some ideas about streamline cars I found in a book from -33

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Maybach car.


Blue Bird. World record 438,8 kmph. February 22, 1933

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The worlds speed record was at this time 372,47 kmph 1929. The record set by Sir Henry Segraves Golden Arrow.

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Streamlined Zeppeline-train