It ́s remarkable, very few traces are left of the Volvo Venus Bilo. Must be some pictures out there in someones old family albums? Does anyone have a clue about the cars final destiny? What did the interior looked like for instance?
The Volvo Venus Bilo, the first concept car in the world looked so different from other cars. It must have been noticed by many.
Is it possible, after all these years, that the car or some parts of it still are waiting to be found in an old barn in Denmark?
What do you think? Do you have any small piece of the puzzle that could help to bring more light to the unknown fate of the car?
Please let me know. Comment below.


  1. Johan Segeborn says:

    The Search goes on! What’s the next step? Cheers Johan

  2. Hi Lasse! Great web site!

  3. Lars Falk says:

    Hi Johan!
    Thanks, the next step is to go to Denmark again. There are some interesting barns there that I didn’t get close enough last time. The area where the last owners lived are probably the best places to search. Not easy to get to meet the folks that lives there. But there are some real hot spots that I really would like to get in to.
    Want to join me?

  4. Malla says:

    What A fantastic story – Great dokumentation, and I hope You will find the Volvo Venus!

  5. Mats says:

    This is A Fantastic story! Hope that You will find your Volvo Venus, and I will follow You in your searching / All the best – Malla in Malaga

    • Lars Falk says:

      Thanks Mats. I will keep you informed about the search and what will bring this project forward. Maybe some new (old) photos or some piece of the car… To find the whole car in some barn in Denmark is just too much! Maybe someone has something new to tell about the Volvo Venus Bilo? I have a feeling this case isn’t closed yet. Will inform everything new on this site. Cheers!

  6. Uffe Carlén says:

    I have a picture of the car that I can´t find on your website.

  7. Lars Falk says:

    Yes I have seen that nice photo before. It was published in Autohistorica and shows a picnic where the owner of the car Nils Westerberg (second from the left) and his wife in white.
    The photo is taken by Erik Leth Lauritzen who later bought the car from Westerberg. Thats how the car ended up in Denmark.
    I have put the picture in the gallery.
    The next week I´ll be in Denmark and try to get into some interesting old barns…

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