Last seen -55?

It is remarkable that so few tracks are left of the car. Must be some pictures out there in some family-albums? Or someone that have a clue about the cars final destiny.
What did the interior looked like for instance?
The Volvo Venus Bilo, first concept car in the world, looked so different from other cars that it must have been noticed by many.
Is it possible the car or some parts of it still are waiting to be found in an old barn in Denmark?

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  1. Hi Johan!
    Thanks, the next step is to go to Denmark again. There are some interesting barns there that I didn’t get close enough last time. The area where the last owners lived are probably the best places to search. Not easy to get to meet the folks that lives there. But there are some real hot spots that I really would like to get in to.
    Want to join me?

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